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We teach students and families how to navigate the college admissions journey, giving you the tools to drive your discovery process and find the perfect fit. Are you prepared for the road ahead?

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Choosing your college is an adventure and a privilege -- you get to decide what, how and where you want to learn! We’re here to guide you on your journey with valuable insights and action steps at every stage of the process.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Partner with us and get ready to make your college dreams come true.

Custom Coaching Services

Make your college dreams come true!

We educate and empower you to fully understand the requirements of the admissions process, develop a practical timeline, find your best college fit and showcase your best self.

High School Package

For high school students and families who are ready to commit to a comprehensive experience working with us on their journey from application to admission.

Middle School Package

Get a head start on your journey and begin a stress-free, fun discussion on college and careers. We’ll help you plan for success before high school even starts!

Tune Up Package

Engage with us for a limited time on a series of laser-focused coaching calls to finalize your admissions tasks or to target specific areas that need strengthening.

We Love Our Alumni!

"We worked with American College Strategies during our daughter’s senior year, just as she started the college application process. In hindsight, we should have started when she was a Freshman! Ultimately, she received admittance with substantial scholarships from five of the six schools Kathleen worked with her to apply to and she even got in to her dream ‘reach’ school. While many of my daughter’s friends felt worried and dejected, she was calm and hopeful."

From the parent of E.R.
Accepted to: Syracuse, Northeastern, George Washington, Princeton, Notre Dame

“As a first generation college student, applying to college was highly intimidating. My constant confusion about the subject was taking over the feelings that I should have had about applying to college: excitement and independence. After I got through the applying process with quite a few grey hairs, I had to take on the monster of financial aid; something that I knew even less about. After spending time with Lyndsay, she not only gave me the tools I needed to make an informed decision, but she also taught me how to manage my stress and trust myself and my abilities; tools I will use for the rest of my life.”

From F.P.
Accepted to: SF State, Lewis and Clark, U of of Oregon, Willamette, U of Portland, Western Washington U, Ithaca College

“You were sent from heaven when I was feeling so lost in the details. I honestly don’t know where I would have ended up if I hadn’t met you. You opened my eyes and made me stretch my boundaries and I’m so glad you did. I’m really enjoying McDaniels. Thanks for everything.”

From A.G.
Accepted to NYU, Northeastern, Princeton, McDaniels

“I have had an amazing college experience so far! It’s just incredible to think how much I’ve grown here, both academically and personally. I admit it has been tough, but I’ve always kept in mind your advice and kept going. I remember the tough days when I had to decide what school I would be attending, when you helped me think about pros and cons to all the schools, and I have to say I believe I made the right decision. I love it here!”

From W.F.
Accepted to: UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, Whittier


Kathleen Griffin

Founder of American College Strategies, Kathleen has successfully guided thousands of students through the college search and application process. With over 17 years experience as a counsellor at schools in the Greater Los Angeles area and an adjunct Professor at Loyola Marymount University’s graduate counselling program, she holds a special place in her heart for guiding first-generation college-bound students. Kathleen has a Bachelor’s degree in education from St. John’s University in New York, trained in UCLA’s College Counseling program and studied for her Master's degree in counselling from Loyola Marymount University. With frequent ongoing travel to colleges across the United States, Kathleen is an incredible resource who loves to share inspirations and actionable insights from the world of college admissions.

Lyndsay DeVore

Lyndsay brings unique expertise and vision to the college admissions counseling field. As Executive Producer and Host of our online programs, she guides young people on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery as they shape their education destiny. A graduate of California Institute of the Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Lyndsay also holds a Master’s in Curriculum Development from California State University Dominguez Hills. She has extensive teaching expertise at the high school level and as a certified MindGym coach in corporate organizations, she utilizes the latest psychology and behavioral science methods in her creative and engaging classes. Lyndsay teaches individuals and teams how to transform the way they think, feel and behave so they can reach their highest potential.