Testimonials from Students and Parents

We worked with American College Strategies during my daughters senior year just as she started the college application process.  In hindsight, we should have started when she was a Freshman.  That’s the only negative in our entire experience.  Kathleen Griffin worked with my daughter to choose schools that interested her and were likely to admit her.  Then she guided her through all of the applications.  She offered her direction on what schools were looking for in personal essays which enabled her to really shine.  Her services didn’t end after the applications went out – she checked in regularly to follow up on the results.  Ultimately, my daughter received admittance with substantial scholarships from five of the six schools Kathleen suggested and admittance to her dream ‘reach’ school.  While many of my daughter’s friends felt worried and dejected, she was calm and hopeful.  Recently, Kate spoke to her and suggested questions to ask when we visit Syracuse next week.  I’ve recommended American College Strategies to all of my friends.

From the parent of E.R. Accepted to: Syracuse, Northeastern, George Washington, Princeton, Notre Dame

I have had an amazing college experience so far, and I want to share my experiences with you! It’s just incredible to think how much I’ve grown here, both academically and personally. I admit it has been tough, but I’ve always kept in mind your advice and kept going. I remember the tough days when I had to decide what school I would be attending, when you helped me think about pros and cons to all the schools, and I have to say I believe I made the right decision. I love it here!

From W.F. accepted to: UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, Whittier

Thank you again and again for all you do. This would not be possible without you.  I’m coming to America!

From: A.F. Dubaiaccepted to: Syracuse, Wheaton, Connecticut

We owe so much to you, Kate. I can’t really place a dollar figure on the fantastic help you provided to S—.  The fact that she got into her dream school and received a full ride scholarship makes your services invaluable. She is so happy! Thank you so much.

From the parent of S.L. accepted to: UCLA; Notre Dame; UC Santa Barbara

I don’t know where we’d be without you! Thank you, thank you! Your information was so good.  Very glad we met you.

From M.L. accepted to: U of San Francisco, Syracuse, Wheaton

You were sent from heaven when I was feeling so lost in the details.  I honestly don’t know where I would have ended up if I hadn’t met you.  You opened my eyes and made me stretch my boundaries and I’m so glad you did.  I’m really enjoying McDaniels. Thanks for everything.

From A.G. accepted to NYU, Northeastern, Princeton, McDaniels

You have changed M’s and her family’s life forever – immeasurably so.

From the parent of R.S. accepted to UC Santa Barbara

So far, Z. has been accepted to three schools and C. to two.  Kate is not just our college counselor, but she’s become part of our family.  We will keep in touch as we travel with our children in this phase of their educational journey.

From the parent of Z.H. and C.H.accepted to: UCI, UCSD, UCSB, UCR

Thank you for helping all of us with this crazy college application process. We would not have made it without you.

From S.T. accepted to: Cal Poly SLO (Early Decision)

I will always be thankful for all the advice and help you provided me with when I was so doubtful about all my plans after high school.

From C.S. accepted to: Whittier

I look forward to telling everyone how much you helped me get into and decide which university was best for me!

From A.S. accepted to: U Arizona, UC Santa Barbara, Wheaton, Loyola Chicago

What a difference a great counselor makes!  A- was drifting through community college without much direction until you helped him create a plan to graduate with the right courses to transfer to LMU. Thank you Kathleen for giving us options we never knew we had, and keeping us focused on our timeline.

From the parent of A.J. accepted to: Loyola Marymount, Cal Lutheran and UC Boulder